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Monday, March 6 Pre-conference day

Tuesday, March 7

Meetup Party Sunday Night!

All pre-conference registrants and speakers are welcome to join us for a night of drinks, snacks, and networking!

Date & Time:

Sunday, March 5, 2017 at 6:00 PM


The Crown Room, 24th Floor of the Fairmont, San Francisco

12:00PM Grand Ballroom

Lunch & Registration

Join us for registration and lunch to kick off RampUp’s pre-conference day!

12:45PM Grand Ballroom

Welcome Remarks

1:00PM Gold Ballroom

Fireside Chat

4:30PM Gold Ballroom

Closing: Remarks & Presentation

5:20PM Masonic

Opening Reception

8:00AM Masonic

Breakfast & Registration

Head to the Masonic to kick-off #Rampup17! Registration, breakfast and keynote speeches will take place at the Masonic.

Track: Track 1

10:20AM Gold Ballroom

CMOs: Time to Learn a Little about Ad Tech

Today, the digital environment has become even more complex and the marketing technology sector can be particularly tricky. How are CMOs tackling this challenge? How has their structure internally changed and what else do they need from technology to propel their business strategy forward?

11:05AM Gold Ballroom

Hot Zone: The Marketing Industry's Most Difficult Questions Answered

Can adtech be a valid solution for today’s fragmented customer experiences? Is a deterministic or probabilistic approach best? Do we need to democratize access to data? Listen to this panel of experts answer some of the industry’s most controversial and difficult questions.

11:50AM Gold Ballroom

MarTech's $120 Billion Opportunity: Acquisitions and Mergers in MarTech

The industry has always been characterized by rapid technological disruption, and digital media and marketing M&A activity is off to another fast start this year. So what will the future hold? Get insights into acquiring businesses, being acquired, going public, and their predictions for the future.

12:30PM Grand Ballroom


1:40PM Gold Ballroom

Comparing Data Trends On a Global Scale

Digital advertising is rapidly growing in overseas markets. These panelists will discuss benefits and challenges of global reach and the varying maturities of markets. If you’re thinking of taking your business international or you’re already there, this panel is not to be missed.

2:25PM Gold Ballroom

Targeting Is So 2016: Let's Talk Data Beyond Targeting

Data onboarding or CRM retargeting has been invaluable to advertisers, but it’s really just the beginning. How are publishers going beyond to add value and address advertisers’ needs, and how can they help leverage data in the backend to better understand the consumer? Measurement, customized audiences, and cross device will all be explored.

3:05PM The Fairmont


3:35PM Gold Ballroom

When Does Big Data become Overwhelming?

As mass amounts of new data continue to be generated every day, how are companies utilizing it to their advantage? Marketers need to strategically aggregate this mountain of information and shape it into usable intelligence for their company to act on.

Track: Track 2

10:20AM Terrace Room

What Millennials Expect From Marketing

The generation that inspired the front-facing camera and selfie stick now carries an annual buying power of over $200 billion. We’ll explore the best practices for marketing to Millennials to capture a larger piece of the market, before they go elsewhere.

11:05AM Terrace Room

A Decade of Programmatic and What It Means for Ad Buying

Hard to believe it’s only been 10 years since Marketers have turned to programmatic to make big plays across branding, performance, and awareness. Let’s hear from some of the people that helped create it, disrupt it, and are reaping the benefits of it to discuss what’s new, what’s old and what’s next.

11:50AM Terrace Room

The Future of Addressable TV

With modern metrics applied to addressable TV campaigns, marketers will soon be able to more accurately understand the true performance of their ads. What are companies operating in this industry focused on?

12:30PM Grand Ballroom


1:40PM Terrace Room

Why Identity Resolution is the Key to People-Based Marketing

Data onboarding has set up a framework to solve the next big challenge: an omnichannel view of the customer. With so many data sources feeding us information about a consumer, and each touchpoint potentially identifying customer interactions, how important is identity resolution to people-based marketing?

2:25PM Terrace Room

Mobile's Role in the Path to Purchase

The success of any mobile campaign hinges on data to allow more precise targeting and relevant messaging. Discussions will cover the impact mobile has on PTP, including the measurement and creativity limitations marketers have to overcome.

3:05PM The Fairmont


3:35PM Terrace Room

What's Next in Digital: Social, Mobile and Emerging Trends in Data

Looking out in 2017, this discussion will explore how the marketing and media industries will evolve as emerging technologies continue to drive every aspect of brand marketing and the marketing stack.

Track: Track 3

10:20AM Venetian Ballroom

Building a Customer-Centric Company in a Digital World

Consumers have more choice than ever before. How are these companies selling internally to let data drive customer engagement? How will customer centricity drive lasting brand significance in the digital world?

11:05AM Venetian Ballroom

AI Ready or Not: Here We Come

Automation and AI will be a major focus in 2017. Hear about the issues, methods and lessons learned in the development and deployment of AI, and how these panelists are leveraging machine learning technology for applications, customer service and advertising.

11:50AM Venetian Ballroom

Relying on Good Data to Make Smart Decisions

Not all data sets are created equal. Audience buying has come a long way and there’s never been more third-party data available for marketers to use. During this panel, we’ll outline the benefits marketers can achieve by augmenting their existing data sets with privacy-safe purchase data, as well as the appropriate questions to ask when considering third-party implementation.

12:30PM Grand Ballroom


1:40PM Venetian Ballroom

Demystifying Ad Fraud

One hundred percent viewability is being demanded by media buyers while zero non-human traffic is becoming expected. Is this fair for publishers, or is it even achievable? What are some of the positive advancements around viewability, fraud measurement, time-in-view, and other nuances of the space?

2:25PM Venetian Ballroom

Proximity Marketing is Ready

Beacons, check-ins, and other location-based technologies help bridge the online and offline worlds. With 500 million beacons expected to be deployed globally by 2021, and location-based mobile ad spend expected to triple during the same time, marketers need to understand the impact proximity data might have on the success of digital marketing.

3:05PM The Fairmont


3:35PM Venetian Ballroom

Consumer Engagement in an Age of Skepticism

In every way consumers interact across their devices, data drives smarter targeting, informs media buys, and sets the stage for welcomed content. Hear this panel of experts give clear guidance about what to do––and what not to do––to foster consumer engagement in an increasingly connected, yet skeptical world.